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This blog is based off of Stephenie Meyer's books, the Twilight Saga, and the movies based off of said books.


The first book of the Twilight Saga, published in 2005, and written by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight has gotten a huge fan base and has earned millions of dollars.

When seventeen year old Bella leaves Phoenix to live with her father in Forks, Washington, she meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for whom she feels an overwhelming attraction and who she comes to realize is not wholly human.

Main events of the first book;
Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, to Washington. Bella then meets an odd group of teenagers, the Cullens who seem to be bigger outcasts than her, the new kid. After about a week, Bella notices the strangest boy out of the Cullens, who at first seemed hostile, is missing from school, causing her to become more comfortable in her new school. After his return, Bella starts conversing with the strange boy named Edward with bronze-colored hair. Edward follows Bella to Port Angeles while she is dress shopping with her friends and stops a group guys from harming Bella. The two go to a restaurant where Bella was supposed to meet her friends, Angela and Jessica. There, Edward exposes to Bella that he can read minds; all but hers. He also exposes to her that he followed her to Port Angeles so he could protect her and make sure she didn't get into trouble. After hearing a 'scary story' from one of the natives, Jacob Black, Bella realizes Edward's big secret; he and his family are vampires. When Bella tells Edward she knows his secret, he brings her to a meadow, showing her that not all myths about vampires are true. Although vampires cant go in the sun, its not because they'll burst into flames, but because they sparkle. There, in the meadow, they confess there feelings to each other; they're in love! Their happiness soon turns sour when Edward takes Bella to meet his family. There, in the field where they play baseball, are three rogue vampires, who try to kill Bella. After realizing that she is in danger Edward sends Bella away so she can stay safe. After her leave, Edward and his family excluding Alice and Jasper who went with Bella, try to kill the remaining rouges. The tracker, James, follows Bella, Alice, and Jasper to Phoenix louring Bella into her old dance studio he tries to kill her but Edward and his family come to the rescue. Upon waking up in the hospital Bella learns she has a broken leg, James is dead, and he bit her wrist. When Bella goes home from the hospital Edward gets her all dressed up and of course Bella being as naive as she is, she thinks Edward is going to take her somewhere to change her into a vampire. But, alas, they just go to the prom and dance the night away.

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